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Top 3 Tips for New Divorcees to Survive Holidays

Top 3 Tips for New Divorcees to Survive Holidays:

Your first holiday as a divorcee can be a challenge as you navigate the changes in your family status. Christopher Carlton, Counselor from The Summit Counseling Center shares three simple things to keep in mind:

1-Don’t expect this to be your best holiday ever! Expect to have an “ok” holiday and be satisfied with that. If it turns out to be better than “ok” you’ll be pleasantly surprised but certainly not disappointed.

2-Simplify your holiday traditions. Your funds and time may be a bit compromised temporarily so pick those traditions that mean the most to you and let the rest go.

3Don’t spend the holiday alone. Don’t be shy, reach out to the people you enjoy the most and let them know you want to spend holiday time with them, they will be receptive to you. Keep yourself busy.

Remember to be kind and nurture yourself during this time of year. Treat yourself to some pampering and know that “this too shall pass” and brighter days are ahead.

Do you have a personal story that you can share regarding these issues? I would love to hear from you.

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