Video Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Clare, Group Participant: “I was tired of being angry and did not know where to turn for help, my Therapist recommended this group and what an incredible perspective-changer it has been for me. I loved the new skills it taught me to let go of my past and move toward an exciting new future, whatever that may hold.”

Sharon, Group Participant: “My Transitions Resource Divorce Support group has helped me to process where I am and what I need to do to ensure continued forward progress and healing.  It’s comforting to know that I am not alone, that the others in the group understand what I’m feeling, and that life after divorce can and does hold hope!”

Jane S., Former Transitions Client: “Transitions provided all the information and resources I needed to navigate my way through the spider web madness of separation and divorce. I was educated, prepared and in charge!”

Lee W.: “The Transitions workbook is direly needed in a world where there are many self-help resources to manage the emotional pain of a divorce but a lack of resources to assist with the divorce logistics. It offers step-by-step guidance to navigate the shark-infested waters of divorce legalities and financials.”

Licensed Professional Testimonials

Dawn Echols, Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered Mediator, Group Facilitator: “The Transitions Resource support group program directly addresses recovery from divorce in a healthy way. Group interaction is a valuable and necessary part of our human psychology.  I have already referred individuals to Transitions Resource for their tools and resources.”

Leslie Dinkins, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Group Facilitator: “Divorce is very isolating and with these groups, participants will find camaraderie and shared experiences that will allow them to minimize the isolation and give them a sense of belonging as they move forward in their lives.”