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Considering Divorce? Step 1- Find a Divorce Mediation Center

logo2When a family is considering divorce, there are many options they should explore before officially starting the legal process. Divorce can be a complicated process and information on how to proceed can be provided by free resources in your state. Step 1- find a Divorce Mediation Center, these are cropping up all across the United States offering a comprehensive wealth of information and professional resources and should be a family’s first step in investigating which method they choose to complete this process.

It can be a bit overwhelming for spouses who may be pre-occupied with the emotional aspect of the current relational dynamics to make wise decisions regarding the process of converting one household to two. Goals of minimizing the expenses and maximizing the tax implications of both new households can be a daunting task and it is wise to seek professionals (Professional Accountants, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts) to assist Spouses in assessing the specific family needs and recommending a practical financial course of action. Most Divorce Mediation Centers can provide families with these professionals and resources. A well informed couple will be better prepared to make productive final decisions through the necessary negotiation process required for financial settlements.

Most couples immediately hire Attorneys and start the costly legal process by filing for divorce in their county well before they have done their necessary financial “due diligence”. Transitions Resource, a Family Divorce Consumer Advocacy since 2010, recommends that only after the family has sought sound financial recommendations should they engage in the legal process. Many of these Divorce Mediation Centers provide referral sources for local Attorneys to represent the spouses and/or Mediators to facilitate in mediations or any negotiations that may be required. Too often couples enter negotiations and agree to terms or attend trials uninformed and are ordered financial stipulations that down the road leave them in dire compromised financial straits.

Many families do not know that with the proper professional guidance that they can reach negotiated agreements prior to filing for divorce that are a win/win for both spouses, saving the family a large bit of money (upwards of $40,000 by avoiding court ordered status conferences, days of trial depositions, court appearances and missed time from work). Nor do they know that they can actually file the “Request for Divorce” AND negotiated “Divorce Settlement” documents SIMULTANEOUSLY to save them from entering the costly litigious legal arena altogether. An important benefit in taking this alternative practical approach is it also greatly reduces the amount of conflict between spouses who in many cases, will need to have a healthy co-parenting relationship post divorce.

Do you have a personal story that you can share regarding these issues? I would love to hear from you.

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3 responses to “Considering Divorce? Step 1- Find a Divorce Mediation Center”

  1. Judy Herman says:

    I’m thankful for your wisdom and resources, Kelley. What valuable insights needed in the midst of overwhelming turmoil! Keep up the good work. I’m directing folks your way!

    • Kelley says:

      Thanks so much Judy Herman, we are helping so many families minimize the conflict and expense of divorce-which sets the stage for much more peaceful post-divorce relations. We appreciate your referrals!

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