Transitions Resource, LLC was founded in 2010 as a not-for-profit Divorce Consumer Advocacy. Our mission is to provide resources and tools to individuals preparing for divorce to minimize the financial and emotional wounding and maximize the recovery and healing of divorce.

We offer a comprehensive Transitions Divorce Prep Workbook, available on Amazon that guides one on how to prepare for divorce prior to securing an Attorney. This easy to follow step-by-step workbook shows how to reduce unnecessary professional fees and ensure an efficient and effective outcome for the family.

Transitions Resource Institute, a division of Transitions Resource, LLC provides an accredited Advanced Family Divorce Continuing Education Series to professional counselors and coaches in order to help them best serve their divorcing clients.

The Transitions Resource Recover / Discover Workbook and the Transitions Resource Recover / Discover in God’s Word Workbook, both available on Amazon are published tools for Divorcee Support Groups to help share experiences. The 14 session structure helps participants validate common emotions related to the change in family structure and re-discover the joyful persona post divorce. These workbooks are an adaptation of the healing model introduced by Dr. Jessica Blalock, Ph.D. and published in Discover Yourself-A Personal Development Workbook, also available on Amazon.

All net proceeds from the sales of Transitions Resource, LLC published workbooks are donated to causes that serve victims of domestic violence.

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